Becker Capital Group
Key Investment Highlights:

  • Becker Capital Group has a unique business model and predefined exit strategies with focus on comparatively short investment horizon

  • LOIs for undervalued mining projects with options to acquire in place and several more waiting

  • Access to limited resource and a state of the art technology; reducing time and  cost from exploration to exploitation by up to 90 percent, using modern aerial surveys of a geoscience multinational with more than 50 years experience

  • Uniquely positioned with strong human capital and ties from the industrial to the political sector, has more than 10 years experience and strong management

  • BCG’s current valuation will benefit first round investors, where the maximum capacity through further acquired licenses will be limited to GBP 400 million. 

  • Mozambique has tremendous amounts of natural resources. These have been demonstrated in coal or natural gas (largest reserve in Africa) and other mineral resources as gold and aluminum. To be placed among the world’s top 10 coal producing countries by 2017

  • Recognized as being a politically stable country

  • 4th peaceful country in Africa

  • Local possibility towards a well-educated workforce

  • Investor friendly legal framework

  • Mozambique has one of Africa’s fastest growing economies by GDP

  • Foreign direct investment doubled twice over the 2010-2013 and has likely out run South Africa’s FDIs in 2014

  • Member of the Common Wealth with English widely spoken and often German, next to the official language Portuguese