Becker Capital Group

 Investing in Southern Africa with BCG

Becker Capital Group (BCG) is a company focused on pursuing and maintaining near term production opportunities in Mozambique, well acknowledging the world’s economic and population growth development. This is leading to a doubled consumption in 15 years of today’s demand by 2030 and requests the importance in early planning to securing minerals and commodities for future supplies from limited resources. The group can demonstrate over 10 years experience in the Mozambican society, both in the industrial and in the political sector. A strong focus lies on combining ecological friendly with social responsible investments, by using new technology and project implementations. Currently BCG holds 5 options to acquire majority stakes for projects in different stages and of different metals and minerals such as Gold, Iron Ore, Tantalite, Emeralds and Tourmalines with a total surface area of over 28,000 ha. Additional ones are further planned to come into the portfolio such as Diamonds, Rubies, Copper, Phosphate, Heavy Sands and Rare Earths.
The flagship project is a gold license that has been acquired on a 50% basis. These and further Mozambican potential mining opportunities represent a high value and a multi-million possibility, being based on surveys performed by former Soviet geologists’ technology and current corrected expectation of the country’s potential.

The company’s U.K. registered executing subsidiary Becker & Co. Ltd in London is about to use a state of the art new technology to create JORC compliant or NI 43-101 compliant assessments, which are instruments of a codified set of rules for reporting and displaying information related to mineral properties owned or explored by companies trading on stock exchanges. BCG is working with a multinational geoscience company with decades of exploration experience and with several 1,000 employees. This has recently developed a new airborne geophysical survey system which has been already in use by renowned companies  and is based on airborne survey, minimizing by up to 90% drilling cost and time from exploration to exploitation, making use of the mineral, and is environmentally friendly.  BCG’s exit strategy for each project is to sell the developed asset or team up with mining company as a partner to extract, next to the possibility of generating an IPO for all licenses to begin ecological efficient contract mining.